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About us

The International Documentary Exhibition of Bogotá – MIDBO (Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogotá), organized by the Colombian Corporation of Documentary Filmmakers ALADOS, is a film festival specialized in the cinema of the real, which over the last 23 years has established itself in Colombia and Latin America as a fundamental space for exhibition, dialogue and thinking on documentary and non-fiction audiovisuals. 

Three parallel selections structure MIDBO: The exhibition Documentary Film, the encounter Thinking the real, and the exposition Expanded Documentary. These three sections dialogue together through an artistic approach that is defined for each edition. 



The own creative freedom that arises in the midst of isolation, confinement, political and social restrictions opposed to migrations and movements, or the body as the ultimate place for freedom, is the thematic line that guides the approach of the 23rd edition of MIDBO and that lead us to question ourselves:


This year, the artistic focus of the 23rd edition of MIDBO is freedom as a reaction to the diverse confinements and, at the same time, we understand the documentary itself as a freedom cinema, from its response to a definition of the genre. We seek to understand how the documentary has brought us closer to, represented, or understood the limits of the representation of the spaces enclosed by the pandemic and other controls that affect us as a society and human beings.

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