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ALADOS (Colombian Corporation of Documentary Filmmakers) is the institution representing the profession in the country. It is made up of almost one hundred and forty professionals active in production, direction, teaching, research, technical activities, distribution, and communication related to non-fiction film, living in Colombia and abroad.

Since 1999, ALADOS has looked up for the consolidation of the profession and participates in the construction of policies for the development, financing, and promotion of a cinematographic practice that follows closely the events of our reality, that investigates and that works as a fundamental tool in the construction of the memory of the country and of our time. 

From the beginning, ALADOS has been the organizer of the MIDBO-Bogota International Documentary Exhibition, the most representative event of the genre among the festivals held in Colombia. MIDBO is held annually in Bogota and travels to other cities in association with several regional entities.

ALADOS has a documentary film documentation center, the CENDOC, hosted by an institutional agreement at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and the National Library. One of its priorities is the development of diverse educational activities, including the Clínica de Proyectos, whose purpose is to contribute to the professional level of its members’ projects and raise the quality of their production. The Colombian Corporation of Documentary Filmmakers recently launched the virtual magazine La Pesadilla de Nanook, devoted entirely to real cinema. The new generations were also strengthened through the collaborative research group Alados.

Currently, the Corporation is undergoing a process of internal reengineering that seeks to boost the documentary activity in the regions, the internal communication networks, and the funding processes that allow its permanence and practice in society.

ALADOS is attentive to support all initiatives that promote the Colombian documentary at a national and international level, as well as its interaction with the social processes that are part of the narratives of our time.

ALADOS is a legal entity registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and its management is guided by a board of directors.


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