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Pensar lo Real


The encounter Thinking the Real is the training component of the festival and consists of a four-day online seminar in which a current documentary issue is discussed in depth. This debate, which takes place in a theoretical and practical context, includes two modalities: Master class of directors, film screenings, and Discussion around the films and works in the expanded exhibition. The encounter also holds dialogues open to the public and invites participation in working groups that offer different spaces for training, reflection, and encounters around non-fiction.


Academic Committee, Thinking the Real 23 MIDBO:

Maria Luna, Enrica Colusso (Coordinators) 

Bibata Uribe, Sandra Tabares, Mauricio Durán, Juana Schlenker. 

Production, Thinking the Real  23 MIDBO:
Juliana Arana, Monika Barrios, Vanessa Vivas, Susana González.

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