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Mariana Gándara

Mexico City, 1984

She is a director, playwright, interdisciplinary artist, manager, and teacher. In 2008 she created Colectivo Macramé, a collective with a presence in Mexico and Switzerland. Her texts have been translated to English and Portuguese with montages and editions in Mexico and Brazil. She is the author and director of Nadie pertenece aquí más que tú (2010), Mar de fuchi (2012), El último arrecife en tercera dimensión (2014), Nada siempre, todo nunca (2017) y La rabia vieja (2018), among others. Her staging, Straight by Guillaume Poix (2019), has been presented on stages in both Mexico and France. In January 2020 she premiered the project UTOPÍA (2020) in the Sala Covarrubias of the University Cultural Center and in April of the same year she premiered the video-performance Fuimos Lobos in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. She has been a fellow in the dramaturgy area of ​​both the Foundation for Mexican Letters and the FONCA Young Creators program. Before turning thirty, she headed the Coordination Department for the Performing Arts of the Museo Universitario del Chopo where from 2013 to 2017 she reconfigured the character of the area, renaming it the Coordination of Living Arts, the first of its kind in Mexico. There she developed more than one hundred projects a year, turning the MUCH the only one in the country with a constant curation around new trends and hybrids of scenic languages. Since 2018 to this date, she is the executive coordinator of the Extraordinary Seminar Ingmar Bergman in cinema and theater at the UNAM, where the collective production of knowledge is fed by the horizontal exchange between the university community and the most prominent exponents of cinematography and the scenic arts. Last November she received the National University Distinction Award for Young Academics in the area of ​​artistic creation and cultural extension.

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