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Omar Rincón

Colombian journalist, academic, and essayist on issues of media culture and journalism, entertainment, and political communication. Associate professor at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). Researcher and artist at the Center for Journalism Studies, CEPER, at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). Director of FES COMUNICACIÓN for the german Foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. TV critic of El Tiempo. Essayist and consultant for the digital magazine 070. Lately, he has been developing artistic projects in narco aesthetics, he tries to think about bastard cultures, celebrity citizenships, DJ-journalism, and indigenous narratives. He created an art piece: the installation Audiovisualidades de la niebla (2015-2016). An audiovisual essay: Los colombianos TAL como somos (Colombians JUST as we are), Brazil (2007). Ph.D. in Human and Social Sciences from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

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