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Andrea Segre

Italy / 2020 / 68’



Il segreto dei segreti, l’ultimo comma delle leggi naturali:

non c’è nulla di possibile nel congegno del mondo,

tutto è irreale nella realtà.

(Emanuele Trevi, Sogni e Favole)


Pandemic atomized us. It made us stop, it paralyzed cities, planes, highways, and even, in some cases, torn apart the few certainties of our world. Yet, in the midst of stillness and uncertainty, some people as the Italian Andrea Segre —a not very well-known director in our environment but who has a rich filmography— kept on going with the course of his shooting. Molecole, the breath-taking documentary that opened the Mostra de Venezia in the middle of the pandemic, is the portrait of his city, where Segre picks up pieces and joins the fragments of life’s fragility of an empty, mystified, and gentrified Venice as a backdrop. Molecole is a journal film of his own experiences, memories of his father, and shared fears and experiences in a zero point for the entire humankind. The world stopped, but cinema, as fish that little by little returned to the channels from where tourists expelled them, kept its course. 

By Maria Luna 



77 Mostra Internazionale Vienale di Venezia, Program Latitudes – Visions du Reel.


Producers: Giulia Campagna, Zalab Film con Rai Cinema| Photography: Matteo Calore e Andrea Segre | Sound: Teho Teardo, Riccardo Spagnol | Editing: Chiara Russo |



Sunday, October 31st, 7:00 p.m.  


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual  Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. 

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