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Cartagena Olaya, Children of the Marsh

Cartagena Olaya, Children of the Marsh

Alfredo Marimon

Colombia / 2020 / 13’

In Cartagena, in one of the most affected neighborhoods by inequality, a young man tries to success through his passion, music. He tries to break the cyclic chain of poor musicians of his family and be an example for future generations for not to get involved in the world of crime. Through the characters, the director suggests the profound relationship he has with the walled city and the role that dreams have to change life’s course of those who live there, searching for alternatives to endure the cruel reality of the most forgotten neighborhoods of the city. 

By Jose D. Vives


Producer compnay: Crudo Cine | Direct sound: Jhonatan Tabares and Sofía León


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. 

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