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Peace’s mids

 Joel Stangle

 USA  – Colombia / 2020 / 87′

War dehumanizes us as subjects; it devastates any subjectivity. It glues us to a non-shaped mass ready for defending their own or someone else’s ideas; it reduces us to numbers, reports, and cold abstractions, and of course, it annihilates us! What is left after the walking over of this exterminating machine? A blurry present and an uncertain future with stories and images buried in the caches of forgiveness. Trying to clear up the way, Teo and Boris, two FARC ex-combatants, venture to unearth the present and the past. They are listeners of ordinary people, the non-protagonists, those unknown who have sacrificed their lives for a cause, along with their beliefs and their rightness and contradictions. In the end, those experiences allow us to see with clarity the humanity behind those once combatants. The memories of war, including the ones who lived it first-hand, from any side, are necessary to build a country full of scars that are born from inequality and injustice. Giving dialogue and the other’s recognition a sine qua non presence to solve a conflict of such magnitude and length. 

By Andrés Pedraza Tabares



Audience Award at Rome Independent Film Festival

Audience Award at Panorama du Cinéma Colombien Paris


Producer: Carolina Campos | Photography: Boris Guevara and Joel Stängle | Sound: Doug Gallob | Editing: Carolina Campos and Joel Stängle |


Available from October 26th to November 1st at Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latinamerica.  

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