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Matías’ tree

Matías’ tree

Pilar Perdomo Munévar.

Colombia / 2020 / 71’

How do you explain the horror of weapons, of war to a child?” Producer Pilar Perdomo starts from this question to make a film inviting her little child to be a part of this search. In a clear and transparent manner, with no euphemisms, she tries to explain the violence that has accompanied Colombia’s history in the last 70 years. Mother and son undertake a journey to the past, seeking answers about his great-grand father’s violent murder, a breaking point in the family’s history determined by the forced displacement to the city.


In the midst of the pain and nostalgia that comes with reviving those family events, the present isn’t more comforting: violence never stops being recurrent and the search for signing peace trades is rejected by the majority of Colombians in a national plebiscite. However, in spite of the horror, the war, the absurd, the unknown, the producer leaves his son with the heritage of hope, as a proof of her unconditional love.

By Mónika Barrios



Premiere in the Philadelphia Latino Film festival


Producers: Medusa Films with Ana Laura Calderon and Diego Cañozal | Photography: Pilar Perdomo M. and Matias Castro P. | Sound: Camilo Martinez and Juan Manuel Lopez | Music: Luis Felipe Palacio Torres | Editing: Juan Soto | Animation: Daniel Arce from Domo Animato.


Available from October 26 to November 1 on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO in Colombia and Latin America, except for Mexico, Chile and Argentina.


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