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Open the Countryside

María Rojas Arias

Colombia – Portugal / 2021 / 25’ 


A red-dyed subjective shot that lurks around; a visit to a past that still haunts the streets of Líbano, Tolima. This story -told by Aura, an anarchist old lady from this town- relives a pioneer attempt to seize power and fight to improve living conditions, led by a group of shoemakers known as Líbano’s Bolsheviks on the evening of July 29th, 1929. The traces of La Violencia (“The Violence,” a decade-long civil war in Colombia) through the 16mm lens of María Rojas Arias and the story of her grandmother bring up a rebellious and anarchist spirit that is still alive and projects it into the future.

By Mateo Vallejo


Producer: Andrés Jurado | Photography: María Rojas, Andrés Jurado | Sound: María Rojas Arias.



Friday, October 29th, 4:00 p.m.  


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia.

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