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Benicio’s dream

Benicio’s dream

Gerrit Stollbrock

Colombia / 2021 / 76’


Just as war invaded with his sorrow the most narrow and intimate interstices of daily Colombian life, the yearning for peace are uncontainable and sprouts as resistance in the most minimal gesture of surviving communities. This documentary, developed in the north region of Cauca, shows the persistence of territories subjected to another’s armed conflict that has left a balance of inconclusive mournings, traumas, and grieves during decades. It portraits the unstoppable labor of their inhabitants that want a good living for their relatives in the midst of an impunity, injustice, war continuity, and possibilities of repetition and revictimization environment. The meeting point is the Escuela de Interculturalidad de Paz Benicio Flor (Benicio Flor’s school for interculturality and peace), a social leader assassinated in 2015 in the region. There, and from the beginning of the Peace Process, several leaders meet, convinced that it is possible to build up a new country. 

By Andrés Pedraza


Producers: Gerrit Stollbrock Trujillo and Alhena Caicedo | Photography: Carlos Arturo López | Sound: Gerrit Stollbrock Trujillo | Editing: Mariana Emilia Vejarano | Sound postproduction: Antonio Ponce |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. 


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