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The man in the middle

The man in the middle

Sandra Lucía Molano Torres
Colombia / 2021 / 72’



Between the police and the protesters, between religion and politics, between two positions, believing apparently none, that is how Ascanio Tapias lives, a mediator that seeks to achieve the Government’s proposed agreements to stop the social protest in a country with contained energy and eager of expressing its nonconformity. In her first film, the documentarist follows him not only in his job as a Government-assigned mediator but between anti-riots tanks, tear gases, buses of the public transportation system stopped to which he manages to give way. Work provides Ascanio with a social identity, but when the director has access to the isolation of his most private world, it is when a person’s loneliness is unveiled, the one that possibly echoes in a paralyzed middle-class that immobile stares the future of a country that waits for collective reactions and solidarity.

By Maria Luna


Producer: Adriana Martínez | Photography: Diego Alejandro Barajas | Sound: Mauricio Rodríguez | Editing: Gabriel Baudet |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America


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