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Beatriz Hernández, Berónica Rodríguez, Celmira Garcia, Demetria Ibargüen, Erika Giraldo, María Pulgarín, María Usuga,  María Moreno, María Garcia, María Quintero,  María Acevedo y María Arango.

Colombia / 2021 / 32’

The pandemic has aggravated the inequality and violent conditions that constitute the socio-political crisis of Colombia. Medellin City appears as an exemplary model, through a polyphonic and encouraging portrait, from where a construction of voices and corporalities of various women belonging to popular neighborhoods, placed in the threshold of the peripheric urban, domestic and rural life, is displayed. There, the rural inherited practices appear as a possibility of sovereignty. These women build communitarian dynamics and resist governmental neglect and the historical war, which is merciless with their bodies and endures in the city.

By Adriana Herrera B.


Producer: Sonja Marzi | Editing: Espectacle, Mark Saunders, Michele De Laurentiis, and Maria F. Carrillo | Communitarian collective process |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.


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