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He who dances on wood

He who dances on wood

Jessica Beshir

USA /2017 / 6”

Every day, Fred Nelson takes a worn table to Prospect Park. He drops it on the ground in a tunnel under a footbridge, ties his tap shoes, and starts dancing. The rhythm of his footsteps echoes off the curved walls of the tunnel and radiates out to the world. This is Fred’s daily prayer. In The One Who Dances on Wood, we see that Fred dances to forge a divine connection to the natural world, to absorb the rhythm of all things, and to have “a conversation with God.” And watching him dance, we join him on his daily journey to find the secret joy and beauty of life in an old piece of wood.



African Selection Film Festival- New York.


Producer: Jessica Beshir | Executive Producer: Aziz Isham | Photography: Jessica Beshir and Chris Raddatz | Sound: Tom Enfinger and Charlie Hoxie | Editing: Charlie Hoxie |

Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for participants enrolled in the Seminar Thinking the real: Freedoms in Transit.


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