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The ruins

Jerónimo Atehortúa Arteaga

Colombia-Bosnia / 2021/ 25’



Jota, a Colombian photographer, lives in Sarajevo and tries to continue his work in a self-imposed exile. While preparing a photo exhibit that compares the Balkans wars and the Colombian armed conflict, Jota receives terrible family news that forces him to face the ethical sense of his job and the emotional disconnection that he tries, in vain, to dodge through a committed work. Las Ruinas is a fictional essay that not only inserts material from reality (news, for example) but questions how to represent the havoc of war, an event that seems to take all reality in the arts of countries that have recently been deeply traumatized – such as Bosnia and Colombia-.

By Pedro Adrián Zuluaga


Producers: Jerónimo Atehortúa, Juan Sebastián Mora, Emina Ganic | Acting: Juan Lugo Quebrada, Vannesa Ruiz |  Photography: Stijn Bouma, Mauricio Reyes, Ivan Koroman | Sound: Florian Klaeger | Editing: Jerónimo Atehortúa, Juan Sebastián Mora. 



Thursday, October 28th, 3:00 p.m.  


Available from October 26th to November 1st at Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia.

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