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All light everywhere

All light everywhere

All light everywhere

Theo Anthony

United States / 2021 / 109 


As the eye Such the object. This quote by William Blake opens the door to the world of interpretations of All light everywhere. This film by the American director Theo Anthony displays the mechanisms of power used by the invisible. The associative capacity of the director in this documentary essay allows him to land the aerial perspective of a movie focused on control of freedom and questions the development of portable technologies for image capturing, developments that are currently a business model in security companies. The director intelligently asks about ’the eyes of God’ watching over the forgotten Baltimore and is looking to highlight a concrete material reality of what power is assembling every minute in the most hermetic corners of our world. That which allows the plain light that we can be seen with to keep watching on us, all the time, everywhere.

By Maria Luna 



Sundance Jury Award, Best Documentary Madrid. Special Mention CPH:DOX.


Producer: Riel Roch Decter, Sebastián Pardo, Joanna McKonne| Photography: Corey Hughes | Sound: Udit Dusseja | Editing: Theo Anthony| Narrator: Keaver Brenai.



Thursday 28th, October, 5:00 p.m


Available from October 1st to November 1st at Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. Movie with limited views.


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