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Beyond the night

Beyond the night

Manuel Ponce de León
Colombia / 2021 / 26’


The poet from Sinú River Raul Gómez Jattin writes from his hammock. He thinks over the next verse and his gaze is lost in Magdalena River’s current, which flows to other times: when the poet was in the womb or when he saw for the last time the smiling eyes of his mother, Lola. The camera moves, levitating on the ground, and always returns to the river where the cut to black indicates the change of time as if the shots were memories and the memories had the shape of a verse. This until the film repeats itself, guiding us to a phantasmagoria where time becomes eternal and at the same time, it has already blurred. In a 16 mm, black and white film, the melancholy of a gone mother is materialized, and the motherhood of Magdalena River, flowing immutable before our eyes too. 

Rewiew: Andrés Isaza Giraldo



FIDMarseille 2021, Special Mention: Flash Competition Prize


Producer: Carolina Zárate García | Photography: Angello Faccini | Sound: Antonio Ponce de León | Editing: Manuel Ponce de León |



Sunday, October 31st, 5:00 p.m.  


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual  Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. 


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