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Nicolás Gárces

Colombia /2020 / 30”

In the Colombian Pacific, the town of San José, next to the Yurumanguí River, is a zone besieged by the conflict. There, Nicolás Gárces invites us to know celebrations, dramatizations, and farewells of those gone, and that take place during Holy Week. With a very personal look and an audiovisual proposal that immerse us in a mystic ambiance through the drums and songs rhythms, the director takes us to experience in a sensory way a people’s fight that, according to their own words, “resists singing and dancing.”

By Jose D. Vives


Producers: Carlos Arias, Jennifer Parra and Nicolás Gárces | Photography: Carlos Arias and Nicolás Gárces| Sound: Nicolás Gárces | Editing: Nicolás Gárces |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America

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