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I can’t find it

I can’t find it

Mariana Jiménez Vélez

Colombia  / 2020 / 31’

Using a kind of diving suit, the producer is ready to navigate in the seas of the file, the family memories, the absence, and the silence. This documentary takes us through an intimate story in the form of an essay that reflects and questions the audiovisual family file and how it can supersede memories and even dreams. The images, recorded mostly by her father, are juxtaposed in the head and the work of the producer along her unresolved search, of the image of her dead grandfather, of her memories of him, his presence and his absence.

By Margarita Riveros Pineda




Digital Film selection category in the IX Image International Festival of Manizales

Exhibit in the Festival Paroràmic en Granollers – Spain


Production Company: Pedrera 47 Cine | Photography: Nelson Vásquez ,  Mariana Jiménez | Sound: Nelson Vásquez | Editing: Mariana Jiménez |


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO in Colombia and Latin America.

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