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System K

Renaud Barret

France / 2020 / 94 ’

There are places where innocuous art, between museum walls, seems to lose all meaning. One of them is Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo, where the protagonists, artists of an effervescent scene, take the streets to shout their message of freedom and react against violence and political persecution.  

Chaos is the passage where this art becomes a desperate cry and calls out with such force that few passersby can ignore it. Renaud Barret, a filmmaker who spends a lot of time in Kinshasa, has gained access to follow the artists, who become the choreography of a documentary, a performance, and an extended video clip. System K is the testimony of an artistic work that harshly hammers the harshest conditions to obtain from them the frenetic rhythm of life in Kinshasa. 

By Maria Luna


Panorama Section. Berlinale. 

Thierry Commissionat |Photography: Script: Renaud Barret |Sound: Liam Farrell |Editing: Jules Lahana

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