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The Bubble

Valerie Blankenbyl

Switzerland-  Australia / 2020 / 92 min



More than 130.000 pensioners, 50 golf fields, 70 swimming pools, 3.000 activities. These numbers grow and grow every year as the size of The Villages grows, the biggest enclosed community for the elderly in the United States. The Bubble shows daily life in this place. A garden of Eden created exclusively for senior citizens. Women and men, mostly pensioners who refuse to see time going by in front of their eyes. They prefer to live their last years away from the problems of the world, in a place where they can drink margaritas, do yoga or play golf. The old aged in the United States do not live in geriatric homes. They have become a consumerist age population which found at The Villages, in sunny Florida, the perfect refuge to enjoy the last sparkles of hedonism, while predating the ecosystem’s sources and lands surrounding the bubble.

By Juan Pablo Franky



Premier in Visions du Réel, Selection IDFA.


Producers: Dario Schoch, Karin C. Berger, Arash T. Riahi | Photography: Joe Berger

Editing: | Nela Märki | 


Available from October 26th to November 1st at Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia. Movie with limited views.

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