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Teresa Camou Guerrero
Mexico / 2021 / 99 min


Cruz is the second feature film by the Mexican director Teresa Camou. In it, grief expands and transforms into a story of a family that understands themselves as part of their ecosystem, a film where the limits of the body and the trees are joined in a thick forest of affections. After refusing to work with drug dealers, Cruz and his family must abandon their land, a one “in which they are planted”, as they warn almost at the beginning of the film. The echoes of the raramuri community in the Tarahumara Mountain are transformed into beams of light of an open portrait to hope and the future. This work is at the root of the necessity of writing a story about the raptured land, a movie in which pain becomes a furrow ready for planting. Among grooves and testimonies, this feature film is a gesture of silence and at the same time of complaint, a space ready for attentive hearing and for the movement of the inert masses of social injustice and narco-violence.

By Valentina Giraldo Sanchez



Jose Maria Riba award given by Cinepolis Distribution: Cruz, by Teresa Camou (Produced by Teresa Camou and Jenny Mügel) at the 18th Film International Festival in Morelia

Selection to the Campus Latino program in 2017


Producers: Teresa Camou and Jenny Mügel | Photography: Aldo Hernandez | Sound: Ariana Rico, Jorge Porras, and Teresa Camou | Sound design: Be Flores | Editing: Lucrecia Gutierrez Maupome |



Friday, October 29th, 3:00 p.m.


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO in Colombia and Latin America.




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