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Silent Storm

Silent Storm

Anais Moog
Switzerland   / 2019/ 13’

The sea presents as an irresistible promise for those who hope for a better life crossing the water; women who have lost a loved one on it do not want to see it again. In this impressionist short film, we hear two women on the Mediterranean bank who have lived the terrible outcome of a deadly journey their son and brother undertook. He was bold, strong, and intelligent. He never looked back. He knew someday he would come back to them. His mother dreams about her son, and she sees him when staring at infinity. She wonders what he did before the relentless sea. Did he shout or cry? Did he call for his mother or father? These questions all form part of a universal experience. “The grief by which a lot of mothers were devoured…” Women suffer, dream and remember, while the waves continue their relentless path.

Review by IDFA, translation by Maria Luna



Best documentary short film Equinoxio 2020


Producer: Gabriela Bussmann from GoldenEggProduction | Photography: Anais Moog| Sound: Ahmed Maalaoui, Björn Cornelius | Editing: Pierre Schlesser|


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.



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