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Edge of Snow

Edge of Snow

Juan Francisco Rodríguez

Colombia / 2021 / 16”


The icy mantle melts; it flows like water and evaporates, connecting human and geological time, leaving a strange dryness in sight. When it dissolves, it reveals a rocky texture that confronts us with the unavoidable: the brief stay of human life on earth has devoured a millenary landscape.

Among traces that see the light again, construction machinery and plants that try to claim the territory as theirs, this contemplative experience emerges, simultaneously speculating the future of our glaciers and their past before meltdown; a future that stands the question about human intervention after the murder of ice and about the notion of progress that is founded in environmental collapse.

By Carlos Velandia



Official selection – Ecologías afectivas in the 23rd Equinoxio Festival


Producers: Sebastian Jaimes, Jazmin Rojas| Photography: Juan Francisco Rodriguez | Sound: Jazmin Rojas | Editing: Juan Francisco Rodriguez |


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.


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