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María Sojob
Mexico / 2019/ 80′


The repetition ad nauseam about identity being a self-announced construction makes different sense in the eye of Maria Sojob. The encounter with her blind grandfather, connoisseur of the woven palm leaf hat tradition, is the excuse to face a heritage of something that has been distancing and that has even strategically disdained in the city. A permanent tissue of intentions and searches bears a film of the word, of testimonies, and conversation. In a suspended time, gender and femininity conceptions disentangle, as well as the language and affection in liminal territories and on the verge of extinction. At least, in the vast catalogue of documentaries of the self and family identity, the tzotzil filmmaker offers us other possibilities of less eurocentric self-exploration synced organically to the tempo and cosmovision of an ancestral lineage that she is rediscovering.

By Andres Pedraza Tabares



Ambulante award and La Musa Award for A Mexican Documentary Made by a Woman in the Morelia International Film Festival


Production companies: Terra Nostra Films and Foprocine Imcine | Photography: José A. Jiménez | Sound: Martin de Torcy and Luis Ortega | Editing: Nicolás Défossé |


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO in Colombia and Latin America.

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