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The Quiet Noise

The Quiet Noise

Yeeun Kang

South Korea / 2020 / 63’


Noise and nuisance are the matter and the rush that provoke The quiet noise. The cause of strange suffering afflicts the director -a nuisance whose symptom is a latent noise- is the main question of this movie. A file of domestic videotapes seems to give hints of an answer. The recurrent image of a restless little girl, like willing to get out of the plane, jailed animals, and a great forest force that commands. In an almost obsessive painstaking exercise, Yeeun Kang addresses her family file as if she were auscultating it to compose with its echoes a cathartic symphony where a contained scream explodes in the ocean in the form of pyrotechnia. A sound experience that transports us both to a universal noise ─ childhood, family, home ─, and to our own non-communication.

By Juliana Arana



Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2020

Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona 2021


Producers: Yeeun Kang, Jooeun Baek | Photography: Gangseok Lee | Sound: Yongsoo Pyo | Editing: Yeeun Kang



Monday, November 1st, 5:00 p.m.


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO in Colombia and Latin America.

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