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Catarsis Documental

Documentary Catharsis

This group of movies breaks through the boundaries of collective catharsis and introspection, achieving communion with disturbing audiovisual proposals in unusual contexts. These heterogeneous focuses offer a varied and surprising range of resources and tools for reading and going around the surroundings, materializing utopias, getting your look unused to, and perceiving the environment with renewed senses.


Poetic sensibility does not put aside the pointing at and the confrontation with the world, but it renews possibilities and ways to denounce. Politics is highlighted as a part of the intimate sphere, filled with affection and dignity: approaches to the anonymous bodies inhabiting the public space, migrants who fight against uprooting and who evoke beloved spaces, besieged communities that insist on dreaming, or craftsmen of dreams that pursue the uncertain. Obstinate searches that bestow sense to the need of recording and that irradiate the surrounding world with their centrifugal force and fill it with interpretation. The body is an inhabited space that makes its solitary procession. At the same time, it intertwines with the collective to declare a proclamation of freedom and self-determination to the world.

By Andrés Pedraza Tabares



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