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Under the silence and the earth

Under the silence and the earth

Gisela Restrepo Triviño

Colombia – Canada / 2020 / 94


Gisela Restrepo reveals some concerns that resonate in the deepest of her being: “I have tried sometimes to find out what I inherited from my aunt” Is it the resemblance? or her temper? So far, I have never known.” Questions that she would rather refrain so she would not open painful wounds in her family. From an exile in France, she comes back to Colombia after the Peace Agreement, hoping to find her aunt’s remains and, along with this, the missing pieces to rebuild her family’s history and identity. But in our country, many stories are scattered and buried in fields of impunity, in mass graves of forgetfulness dominated by absolute silence. Gisela’s interrupted relationship with her aunt, whose memories almost do not exist, is presented in her documentary as a travel guide to the unknown. A constant search, a profound return to a territory that she once was forced to abandon, but that she refuses to lose for a second time. Her personal story is proof of the immortal spirit of continuing the quest of the disappeared -live or dead- until finding them.

By Andrés Pedraza Tabares


Producer: Gisela Restrepo Triviño | Photography: Karen  Gomez Diaz, Marina  Klimoff | Sound: Luis Eduardo Lozano, Marianne Roussy  | Editing: Jonah Malak |



Monday, November 1st, 8:00 p.m. 


Available from October 26th to November 1st at Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latinamerica. 

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