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El Cine Dentro del Cine

The Cinema From Within Cinema

Cinematography, as the moon, is a screen upon which light is reflected, be it a utopia’s reflection or radiation that exposes us all, but at the same time allows us to go through traumas and unspeakable violence. Films that this program gathers give back insightful points of view on the filmmaking device; they tell stories about cinema not only as a possibility of liberation but as a machine of dominance run by those who build a reality with their perception or intervention. This program shows how a documentary is a territory where thought-provoking and poetic films about origins unfold -which is the case of To the Moon-, or the convergence of historical and personal processes -as in Irradés, by Rithy Panh-. Heterotopias, mirrors, machines that reinvent the world and wander through the crossroads of gazes from the labyrinth that creates cinema from within cinema.

By Maria Luna

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