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Rebellious objects

Rebellious objects

Carolina Arias Ortiz

Costa Rica – Colombia / 2020 / 70′


Carolina, starring and directing Objetos Rebeldes, speaks about the relation between the objects and the stare in a moment of the film, of how they stop existing when they are not looked at. Along the film, Carolina lays her eyes and thoughts on different objects and dimensions of her trip to Costa Rica, searching for them and bringing them back to existence: a sick father, an irrecoverable childhood, colonial practices, and pre-Columbian spheric stones. Different ways of explaining the unknown arise between the material of the file and a contemplative file in black and white of the exuberant tropical flora.

Swinging between the emotional journey and the mystery of old stones, Objetos rebeldes evokes a persistent willingness to relate with the world affectively; of feeling, experimenting, and understanding in an intimate and personal way, using the touching, the telling, and the memory as vehicles.

By Carlos Velandia.



33rd IDFA | World Premiere IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary

30th Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine | Official Selection


Producers: Alexandra Latishev, Carolina Arias Ortiz | Photography: | Sound: Richard Cordoba | Editing: Ximena Franco |


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia.

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