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Juan Soto

Colombia – United Kingdom / 2020 / 29’

uan, who lives out of Colombia, calls his mother to ask her about his birth without knowing that she is embarking on a trip after receiving hard news. The conversation is complete with assembling film materials and some photographs that a Cuban friend asked Juan to reveal. The encounter between these two conversations of different nature, one with sound and the other one visual, unleashes a game of associations where the director’s complicity with his friends and family reveals a new image about affection and distance in our times.

By Andres Felipe Ardila Ardila



Selected in 2020 in the Film Festival in Mar del Plata and IndieLisboa


Producer: Juan Soto | Photography: Juan Soto | Sound: Isabel Torres | Editing: Juan Soto, Lara Garcia Reyne.


Available from October 26th to November 1st on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia.


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