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Female Pleasure

Female Pleasure

Bárbara Miller

Switzerland – Germany / 2018 / 101’

The stories of five women crossed by the necessity of making public the feminist cause through art and imagination. Religions, beliefs, and traditions burden their weight in women’s role as mothers and wives. However, Deborah, Leyla, Rokudenashiko, Doris, and Vithika raise their bodies to reinterpret the possibility of being more than that and leading proposals that transform their family, social, and cultural environments against what is given for granted. An ex-nun, an ex-orthodox jew, a female genital mutilation survivor, a plastic artist, and a social leader bet their lives for change. 

By Vanessa Vivas



Zonta Club Award of the International Film Festival of Locarno (2018), 

Amnesty International Award and WIFT Award in the Documentary Film Festival of Thessaloniki (2019), Best Documentary in the Film Festival of de Victoria, Canadá (2020) 


Producer: Philip Delaquis  | Script: Barbara Miller  | Photography: Jiro Akiba, Gabriela Betschart, Anne Misselwitz  | Music and soundtrack: Peter Scherer| Editing: Isabel Meier


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America. Movie with limited views.




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