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Aseneth Suárez

Colombia / 2021 / 80’


After living for a long time abroad, the director Aseneth Suarez returns to Colombia, aiming to film a movie together with her mother, a project that raises as much expectation as restlessness. With this documentary, she pretends to remove the veil that all her family has obscured the memory of Lilia with, the aunt that generously and fondly accompanied seven years of the director’s childhood and adolescence: and the only and great love of her mother. To Clara, the director’s mother, the cámera appears as an opportunity to talk, even with shyness, of a relationship that allowed her to discover an unknown dimension of herself: besides being a tireless worker, a single mother, and a disciplined housekeeper, along with Lilia she discovered that she could also be loved. A vital discovery that never repeated again and from which she could not keep even an image. 

Through the constant and intimate exchanges between mother and daughter-director, this film not only outlines an epoch landscape of a woman who dared to live her sexual liberty in the 1980s but strength as well the bond between both. 

By Andrés Suárez


Producers: Andrea Said Camargo, Aseneth Suárez | Photography: Pedro Pablo Vega | Sound: Eduardo Serrano Rojas | Editing: Andrés Porras |



Thursday, October 28th, 7:00 p.m.  

The film is available only onsite. 

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