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Daniel Paz Mireles

Venezuela / 2020 / 29′


In the middle of her daily routine, Vestalia chooses to be silent; however, in her silence resounds an entire life that has passed in front of her eyes and the drudgery of the daily life. Time seemingly to stay still around her accentuates routine and allows reflections about life, loneliness, and death to emerge, while the echoes of the surrounding reality resound as close shootings. This disturbing audiovisual portrait of an unorthodox nun opens us to an emotional exploration through actions, images, and sounds, a construction that distances to the climax and Aristotelian story but approaches to the flashes of Latin American reality. 

By Carlos Velandia



Biregional Film Festival (Rita Elena Ávila – Festival de Cine de Maracaibo) – Best Documentary Short Film Award 


Best Documentary from the Exhibition Award, 124 years of Venezuelan film Great Award.


Producers: Aura Tampoa, Daniel Paz | Photography: Giuliano Salvatore | Sound: Guido González, Kyril Elneser, Gustavo Jiménez | Sound desing: Almaclara Radharani Gómez | Mixing: Marco Salaverría | Editing: Daniel Paz Mireles |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.



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