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Cecilia del Valle

Argentina / 2020 / 70’

Identity paths are not surrounded by certainties. Canela, a 62-years-old trans woman, still goes through them with some doubts. After 48 years of being a hetero man, she became a woman who is currently a committed architect, owner of a construction company, a professor at the Universidad del Rosario in Argentina, with three adult children, and widely respected in her community. In a questioning moment, she considers the idea of undergoing sex reassignment surgery. The documentary portraits a mature woman who committed her life to work and look after her family and now confronts her wellbeing to what she needs to feel good about herself. Canela points out that the sense of organic architecture is in the inside space and not in the walls that enclose it, an extensible sentence to the being, as she proposes the identity as an inhabited space that transcends and transforms the merely physical. 

By Andrés Pedraza Tabares



Best Movie Award at the 6° AMOR Festival LGBT+ in Chile

Nominated to the Best First Feature Film at the Condor Awards 2021 


Producer: Cecilia del Valle | Photography: Lucas Pérez | Sound: Santiago Zecca | Editing: Veronica Rossi | Casting: Canela Grandi Mallarini


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.

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