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The second burial of Alejandrino

The second burial of Alejandrino

Raúl Soto Rodríguez

Colombia / 2020 / 75 min

A gesture that as an echo repeats in different moments along the film: faces with shut eyes about to fall aslep. Teresa Bailarín dreamt with her death husband, the emberá shaman Alejandrino Carupia. All the feature film extends as palm tree leaves that are being woven into a basket shape. Carupia asks Teresa for a new burial. Life and death get together, just as the action of sleeping and dreaming, and they open to a common action: the images. Once exhumed, her wife finds Alejandrino mummified. In the community, it is believed that the return of a shaman as Alejandrino Carupia may bring death to the ones alive. The second burial of the shaman will be to free his spirit. Bodies share the long way of the mummified body to a white cemetery, bodies share the voice and tongues drinking the same schnapps. This film opens to an affect that interwave syncretisms, tensions, and thresholds, between life and death, the dream and the reality. 

By Valentina Giraldo Sánchez



Special award of the Jury “Mayahuel” in the Internation Film Festival of Guadalajara 2020.

Award in the category of Ficwallmapu language 2020.


Producer: Yira Plaza O’Byrne | Photography: David Horacio Montoya | Sound: Sebastián Alarcón Vélez | Editing: Juan Fernando Cañola Vélez |


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America.



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