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Maria K

Juan Francisco González

Chile – France / 2020/ 35’



The beginning of a story is a fascination. Undoubtedly, crossing with Maria Koleva and going into her home archives triggers the desire to film her. An enthusiastic and stubborn woman, loyal to the socialist cause, who articulates French well and has made tens of films out of the industry; a woman who films herself questioning to a smoking Seger Daney performing as himself, and who keeps in her walls a curiosity gallery. She is not a person likely to open her house’s doors to anybody, but the director has an advantage: he is Chilean. Nonetheless, he was not expecting that this woman to be portraited knows pretty well how to be portraited –  she will not allow an American shot to frame her, nor is going to be sitting on a sofa to contemplate in silence–. Besides being a captivating woman’s portrait, Maria K is the endearing encounter of two desires and a jovial tension between who shoots and who is shot. 

By Juliana Arana



Cinéma du Réel 2020 – Public award “Première Fenêtre”

FIDOCS 2020 – Special mention of the Jury “National competition”


Producer: Ateliers Varan | Photography: Juan Francisco González | Sound: Abdelha Kass, Elsa Bailhache, Noémie Devely Dessiguier, Olivier Amour, Tomislav Jancar | Editing: Anne- Sophie Philibert | 


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America. Movie with limited views. 

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