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That yellow house

That yellow house

Marina Vota, Valeria Ciceri 

Argentina / 2021 / 73’


The underground or the possibility of choosing without risking life. Women’s lives have been historically seen through their bodies, which are everybody’s territory, but theirs. Marina and Valeria get involved in a journey starting in the Boedo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, goes through the south of Italy, and crosses biological families and the ones that are chosen, to find in proper and other’s testimonies the reconstruction of a drawing that talks about solidarity, company and at the same time loneliness, neglecting and violence and That Yellow House; the echo that society refuses to a convincing reality: beyond the laws, liberties lie and beyond judgments, the stories of many women lie too. 

By Vanessa Vivas


Producer: Yaela Gottlieb | Script: Valeria Ciceri and Marina Vota | Photography: Sofia Roccheri and Camila De Diago | Camera: Sofía Roccheri and Camila De Diago | Direct sound Argentina: Victoria Maréchal | Direct Sound Italy: Yaela Gottlieb | Staging: Daniela Anze Suaze, Victoria Maréchal, Valeria Ciceri and Marina Vota | Staging assistance: Gastón Ferrari | Coloring: Damián Tetelbaum | Direct Sound Producer: Camilo Molina and Facundo Sassón | Graphics: Ricardo Ordoñez | Music: Susi Pireli


Available from October 26th to November 1st, on the Virtual Theatre MIDBO for Colombia and Latin America, except for Argentina, Peru, and Chile

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