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Vigilar y Controlar

Watching and controlling

Among the tool, their use, and the system, technology faces dilemmas that trace a path filled with responsibility. A continuous claim for reflection on the present we live in and the future we wish. The hereafter of the human being gets entangled in a paradox that holds itself between the threat of control and the hope for freedom.

Which are the scopes of technology when watching and controlling humanity? What is our relationship with the camera that is watching us? How to film where our presence is forbidden? Can the watching camera be helpful to create? The films in this program bring to the table these and other questions. It proposes diverse possibilities at the moment of thinking about our relationship with technique. It invites us not to allow ourselves to get consumed by the influence of technology to build a relationship where aesthetic creation or artistic report are primary. A film industry that brings us closer to different ways of exercising control over individuals, society, and ourselves. Where technology is used as a weapon and shield, a tool that we can use to think of a word to be inhabited through our senses, fighting repression and control.


By Juan Pablo Franky

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