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Unsubmissive Looks

Perhaps the most profound historical changes are a sum of small gestures, of individual denials to go with the flow, of explorations beyond the safe line. Paraphrasing the poet from the Sinú River, Raúl Gómez Jattin, we could say that the women staring these documentaries are not good in a way that is known; the fights are also for transforming the received legacies, displacing conventions, making room to a new ethical world where the old morality is just dead letter. 

These women know that the price for their determination and vehemence can be loneliness, or, quite the opposite, the encounter of new bonds, the creation of solidarity nets where movies are also part of. Those portraits of unsubmissive women also draw a moving landscape that renews the conviction expressed in the famous feminist slogan: “The personal is political,” and it is here and now. 

By Pedro Adrián Zuluaga 

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